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As the Washington Post says, California’s capital city has long lived in the shadows of its flashier neighbors. Sandwiched between San Francisco and Lake Tahoe, Downtown Sacramento is often underestimated and overlooked as a small and sleepy cow town — a rest stop on the way to greener and glitzier pastures. But thanks to the downtown revitalization and the rousing success of “Lady Bird” — Greta Gerwig’s Oscar-nominated homage to her home town — Sacramento has been suddenly, and rightfully, thrust into the spotlight.

Browse the Crocker Art Museum. The museum has been around since 1885 but underwent a major expansion—unveiled Oct. 10, 2010, its 125th anniversary—which more than tripled its size. In addition to housing world-class art, the museum also hosts lectures, films, concerts and more. Located just blocks from Old Sacramento and the new Golden 1 Center, the Crocker Art Museum is the ideal stop during a day spent out in the city center. The oldest continuous art museum in the west is split between two very different buildings—the Italian-style mansion from 1872 and a light-filled contemporary museum. Don’t miss the painting “Boston Cremes” by local artist Wayne Thiebaud—the colorful rows of tantalizing creme pies are a fun example of pop art.216 O St., Sacramento; (916) 808-7000

Tour the Capitol. It’s architecturally stunning, rich with history and free to the public. The California State Capitol Museum is open daily, except for major holidays. Note: The museum and the Capitol are one and the same, so as you are walking the halls, you are right in the heart of California’s working seat of government. The Capitol is located on 10th Street between L and N streets, downtown Sacramento. (916) 324-0333

Enjoy The California Automobile Museum. The California Automobile Museum was founded by a group of volunteers in 1982, the story behind the forming of the museum is quite interesting in itself. A group of volunteers were at a meeting when one pulled out a $100 note and asked who would match him, five others came forward and that was the starting funds from where the non-profit museum was founded. The museums first collection was to house the largest collection of Fords in the world and as the years went by the museum began to seek other makes of car. Today you can enjoy a truly diverse and exciting collection of cars.

Admire The Beauty Of The Cathedral Of The Blessed Sacrament. The Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament is the mother church of the Catholic faith in Sacramento. This means that the church serves nearly one million Catholics and encompasses 99 churches. The cathedral was built in 1887 and has stood proud for all these years, recent renovations have made sure the cathedral continues to serve its people whilst looking spectacular. The cathedral has an interior dome which is a sight to behold and stands at 34m high, another impressive feature is the 13 foot crucifix that has a 14 foot crown overhead, the weight of the crucifix and crown is nearly one ton.

Tour a mansion or two. The Leland Stanford Museum and the Governor’s Mansion offer a wealth of history about the area. To whet your appetite: The Leland Stanford Mansion, the former home of the eighth governor of California (Leland Stanford), was built in 1856, was home to three governors in the 1860s, and later became the Stanford Home for Children. The Governor’s Mansion, built in 1877, housed 13 governors. (Gov. Brown never lived there but visited when Dad Edmund G. held the office.)

The best view is in a circle - Spend an evening with Broadway at the Music Circus offering productions for every age and interest. is the largest nonprofit arts organization (primarily producing musical theatre) in the state of California and the city of Sacramento's oldest professional performing arts company. Its summer stock theatre, Music Circus, has been producing Broadway-style musicals since 1951.

Meet the Members of the California Hall of Fame. In downtown Sacramento you will find The California Museum, the museum is home to the California Hall of Fame. From the moment you step into the building you will feel inspired as you look at some of the amazing things that people from California have achieved in the past.

Cross the Bridge Tower Bridge which is also known as The Sacramento River Bridge connects West Sacramento in Yolo County to the Sacramento County in the East. The bridge itself was built in 1935 and upon its opening 100 homing pigeons were sent across the state to deliver the news to the people. Throughout the years the bridge has seen many renovations but a lot of the original bridge equipment still exists. Up until the 1960 the railroad used the bridge but this was made redundant so that the increased flow of traffic could be handled.

Look up to the trees. Did you know that Sacramento has been referred to as the “City of Trees”? And with good reason: From the palm trees on the perimeter of Capitol Park to the river birch on the banks of McKinley Park pond to the eucalyptus trees of the University Arboretum at Sacramento State and the verdant archways over midtown’s streets, our trees shade us from summer sun and show us their colors come fall. Explore for yourself: The Sacramento Tree Foundation has maps of popular parks and the trees that inhabit them.

Take A Ride On The Sac Brew Bike The Sac Brew Bike is perfect for groups that want to spend their time doing something different. Here you and your friends can jump aboard this multi-person bike and go for a group cycle around some of Sacramento’s best drinking and eating spots. You all jump on and get peddling whilst the driver operates the steering to make sure you are still going in the right direction after a few drinks. A completely unique experience to the city and one that is worth doing as it is not often you can exercise and have fun at the same time.

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